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Anyone tried Feverfew?

HI. My friend has recently tried Feverfew for a rare type of migraine with some success. I have migraines with headaches, fatigue, muscle aching and some nausea. Has anyone had success with this herbal supplement? Thanks

  1. Hi HeatherAnne,

    Great question! Yes, I've heard from a number of people who've added feverfew to their migraine protocol with good results. A word of caution - it's imperative to speak with your doctor before starting any "natural" supplement. Even though they are thought to be "natural" they still may interact with other medications and conditions we have.

    This link has lots of information on feverfew;

    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. I tried feverfew for 8 weeks with no improvement in my migraine experience. It may well work for others, though. Good luck!

      1. Hi glassmind,

        Sorry to hear that. I did want to let you know it can take up to 90 days when we start new medications and/or supplements before we see a reduction in migraine attack frequency and severity.

        Maybe give it a bit more time?

        Wishing you a low pain day,

        1. Heather Ann,
          I used to have a doctor that suggested that I try feverfew, but I felt awful on it.

          Here is a link to an article that has some good information about who should not take feverfew. I would suggest talking to your doctor first as well. Be sure to tell your doctor what you are allergic to. Personally I can’t take it because I’m allergic to ragweed.

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