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Has anyone tried medicinal marijuana?

It was mentioned to me and I never really thought about it seriously. I wonder if anyone has tried it and what kind of results? thank you

  1. Thanks so much for your question! As you wait for possible feedback from the community, I just wanted to share a few resources that we have with you.

    Sure hope you find them helpful! -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Tried it before, with absolutely no success. Just got my card again recently, and tried a new delivery method, the vape method, like an e cigarette. 80% pure thc. It is not a miracle cure, but it has been of some relief. At least it helps stretch out the 10 norco pills I get per month to deal with Chronic Daily Migraine. My oldest brother only uses marijuana for his migraine control, but he was a smoker from high school, and I had never touched it until I tried it before for the migraines. Plus I have had many concussions from football. And now, at age 57, I am seeing some mental fog starting. Not much, but perhaps just due to getting older. I will keep it monitored, and if it worsens, I will get checked.

      1. yes, I smoke daily for mine... i have to I dont have an option, being a recovering addict from pain pills so I am very limited to what i can take. i have been smoking for 3 years.

        1. Yes, absolutely. I used to just smoke flower, because I had too. Worked A+ for the nausea immediately but the smoking was harsh and if you cough forget it. Also, the THC content was lower so the pain killing was just ok.

          Then came the carriages. Things got much much better. Same great effects (same/better/quicker than zofran odt’s) but much much less coughing and higher THC. The pain relief was extremely effective...maybe a 6 out of 10. Again, better than taking opiates (IMO) albeit yeah not 100% effective but still kills most of the pain. It makes the day “workable”

          Now we have RSO (oil/co2/BHO) etc. this stuff is a MIRACLE with the caveat that it takes about 1hr to take effect. It kills the pain 100% but dosing is tricky. Too much and hello tomorrow. At times, this is needed.

          I find that when I know I have a migraine coming on, I can do a bit of flower or vape then immediately for nausea and take about 100mg of oil in your coffee, butter and toast, peanut butter...whatever works for you. (In a syringe it’s about the size of a grain of wild rice). After an hour, life is tolerable. If it gets out of hand, I just load up on the oil and go to bed for 12 hours.

          Now that medical marijuana (MMJ) is legal almost anywhere, I strongly encourage you to give it a shot. I’m 40. Triptains are sketchy at this point in my life. I’ve been down the opiate road to hell, Midrin is expensive as heck and fioricet isn’t really that great.

          Good luck. I’m glad I found a forum to share and listen to others experiences. It’s been a long road for me. If you have questions I’m glad to help.

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