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App to track triggers or keep a food diary

My meds doc has suggested I keep a food diary to get some idea of where my triggers might be, aside from the ones I know (aspartame for certain). I don't drink wine because it interferes with other meds, but I still have a bit of dairy and chocolate. I'm not so much interested in counting calories. The Apple App Store has something called mySymptoms Food & Symptom Tracker I am thinking of trying and wonder if anyone has used it?

  1. Katherine,
    I personally don't use an app on my phone to track my Migraines or food, but I do use the Migraine Meter found here at

    If you want to stick to your phone, here is an article about the best 14 Migraine apps for 2014.

    The most important thing I think is to look for one that lets you input not only food, but also when and how long your Migraine lasts and what meds you used.

    If you find one that you really like using, please let us know!
    -Katie Moderator

    1. Update: I gave up on mySymptoms after a few days. I found that I snacked too much during the day, there were too many ingredients to list in what I ate, and it rapidly became tedious. I do track my meds intake with an app called TimeJot, where I record every time I medicate a migraine.

  2. Thank you for the info site with best aps. Migraine meter isn't working well and hasn't for quite some time. Thankfully I saved my migraine meter report via email and a pdf right before it completely stopped allowing me to log in. I believe it's an iOS issue. There does not appear to be a support team for the ap at all. I will try one of the other aps and just good ole fashioned pen and paper if I have to.

    1. Hello gaillba1,

      We are so sorry for the inconvenience. We are actually in the process of getting the migraine meter app working with iOS 8. In the meantime, you can still access your journal from our web site ( We hope that will help for now. Again, we truly apologize that the app isn’t working.

      1. Ah, thank you. For some reason all of my devices will not allow me to access the website version. Automatically try to open the ap and then shut down. These are iPhone ipad and laptop. So I am very very excited to hear you have an update in the works. The ap has been extremely helpful in expressing my personal story with all of my care providers. Again I appreciate the quick response and thank you so much for providing the ap.

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