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Apprehensive about neurology appointment

Hi everyone
I have a neurology appointment soon and I’m quite nervous - any advice?
Thank you

  1. Nothing to be nervous about. They're saviours for our lot. Just answer the questions and he/she'll figure out something. It's important to follow up after a couple of months to update him on the impact of whatever is prescribed so that treatment can be adjusted or improved if needed.

    When the right path had been found go back once a year as migraines can change and evolve.

    1. Thank you for this kind reply! I had a meeting last week with a neurologist and he was very good. Felt like I could have explained more to him though. However he sent me for a mri to just rule anything out. I just did not think migraine related issues could be bothersome and bizarre.

    2. Good to hear you saw your neurologist. Migraine disease can be very complicated - it's not just a headache!!


  2. Hi celticgirl99,

    I find being prepared for doctors appointments to be very helpful. We have information on how to prepare for them in these articles;

    Please let us know how it goes!

    1. Hi, in my experience the doctor is not always interested in figuring out what is causing your headache. He/she may just want to find what medication will treat it. Of course you want medication, but also what is causing the problem? Don't let them brush you off and not look into it further. Whether it is helping you figure out a migraine trigger or ordering follow up tests/scans, there is always something that can be done to try to find the cause(s). Hopefully and likely, your doctor will be proactive with this and will make this issue easier to handle. And as Nancy said, being prepared is very helpful.

      1. Hi kperry,

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. The problem is migraine is a genetic neurological disease that we manage, not cure. At this time we're not exactly sure what causes it. Hopefully with continued research we'll find that elusive cure.


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