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Worrying about next migraine

After years of not having one, I’ve recently had two migraines within 5 weeks of each other. I have the visual aura and always find them utterly terrifying. I’m now really worried about getting another one and the worry is all consuming 🥲 can anyone relate?

  1. I feel you, sometimes I feel the worry itself can even bring on or contribute to making the headache worse!

    1. , I hear you and I can totally relate to what you are sharing. If there has been one thing about my migraine journey that is for sure, it is that it has always changed and evolved. Now that I have a preventative medication that is helping to reduce the frequency and intensity of the migraines I experience, whenever I have some breakthrough migraines, and particularly a group of them, it leaves me terrified that I will go back to the almost daily head pain that I used to experience. Visual aura symptoms for me scare me particularly, since I always wonder if it is truly a migraine symptom or something worse. Keep us posted on your progress, I hope that these were isolated events and that you won't have any more. Warmly, Melanie (team member)

      1. thanks for your reply. I took Amitriptyline for the fall out of long covid for the past year and stopped abruptly- and I’m thinking now this may not have helped! I spoke to the doctor and am going to start them up again tomorrow- so fingers crossed it helps. Yes, for the me the aura is frightening too! X

      2. , oh wow, interesting! See I have had some of the same feelings regarding my preventative medication- I hate being on lots of medications, and tend to wonder if they are really needed, so that sounds like something I might have done! Keep us posted, I would be interested to hear if resuming the medication helps to keep your migraines at bay. ~Melanie (team member)

    2. Hi, . You're definitely not alone in experiencing fear and anxiety about migraine. It's common among people with all kinds of health issues.

      I thought you might be interested in a video one of our advocates shared recently on this same topic. At the very least, I hope you know that you're not alone and we're here to support you.

      Sending hugs your way!
      Melissa, team

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