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Are These Migraines or Something Else?

I've been suffering headaches for several years. My husband insists my pain is not migraines... For the last two and a half months the pain has intensified so much that I cannot function without medication. I've been self-medicating with Ibuprofen, taking it about 3 times a day everyday. As soon as it wears off, the pain returns. It is a sharp, intense pain in my left temple and the left side of my neck. I can't think or work when my head is hurting. I usually will close my left eye, like a reflex to the pain. Other symptoms include light sensitivity, nausea, difficulty concentrating and thinking in general, coordination issues, grumpiness, overall tingling and hot sensation, mind fog, and I don't know what else. Finally went to a doctor who prescribed Imitrex. I took one and an hour and a half later my pain has not decreased at all. Is this evidence that it's not migraines but something else? I'm tired of hurting. Any advise would be appreciated.

  1. I’m having all of those symptoms right now! I’ve been told it is migraines. I took an excectidrin migraine a hour and a half ago. No help. I had a migraine yesterday also and took Zomig and most of the symptoms went away. I only have one more dose of zomig left, but I need to make sure to wait at least 24 hours I think for another dose.. I’ve never tried the medicine you have.

    1. Yesterday I had a horrible headache I woke with. I have had migraines before usually lasting a few days but, for the last several years I have been free of them. Yesterday I layed in bed unable to see or hear anything as I needed dark and quiet. I was also very nauseous. Through the day I felt I was hallucinating, all kinds of crazy faces. Never had I experienced this before and it was frightening! And traumatic! Today I was fine. I’m really baffled as to what happened to me, I thought the flu was coming in but if I feel better today I doubt it. Any ideas? 62yo woman

      1. I have had so many tests, scans, MRI, blood work. Everything comes back fine. Ofcourse I'm relieved but I just can't understand how I can feel so terrible for so long (years) and there is nothing wrong. I have lesions on my brain and the doc says they are from the migraines. I have removed soda, any preservative , any other food triggers, no food coloring, etc. from my diet and I still get migraines and I feel like I'm in a coma walking around.

        1. I hate to say it but I have lost trust in the doctors. I began looking into natural stuff that didn’t make my hair fall out and make me feel crappy from all of the side effects.I found a product that worked for me after 30 years of suffering every single day with a migraine. I consider myself at the extreme end of sufferers. Might be worth a try for some of you and the best part was its all natural (no side effects) and they offered a trail bottle. I read all of these posts on this site and it breaks my heart to know most of you are still miserable. Look them up. It might be your answer. Doctors and meds did NOTHING for me for years!!! The name is URLifeBack and I stand by it. It gave me back my life and I’m grateful. Best of luck to all of you

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