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Are Vascular and Cluster Headaches the Same?

I googled various definitions because I am hoping to affect the migraines by improving my circulation overall. They come in clusters and a dark room and complete silence become mandatory!
What Are Vascular Headaches?

Vascular headaches, a group that includes migraines, are thought to involve abnormal function of the brain's blood vessels or vascular system.

What are migraine headaches?

The most common type of vascular headache is migraine headaches that are usually characterized by the following:

Severe pain on one or both sides of the head
Nausea and/or vomiting
Disturbed vision and intolerance to light
Other kinds of vascular headaches include cluster headaches and headaches caused by a rise in blood pressure.

  1. Cluster headache is thought to be an issue with the hypothalamus. It is also linked to Vitamin D3 deficiency. But research is scarce as it affects fewer than 1% of the population in a lifetime & as such is a rare disease. Try going on a cluster headache specific blog for more info specific to clusters.

    Vascular migraine is literally "in the veins" it is thought to be caused by swelling/inflammation of the veins in the neck, face, brain and scalp. It is why so many with vascular migraines can have a headache without pain.

    Pain is the primary feature of cluster headache, severe, usually one-sided in and around the eye. Cluster headache responds well to oxygen, but vascular doesn't. And vascular responds well to NSAIDs (in most cases), but cluster does not.

    I may have over simplified it, but let me know if you want more info. I have both! Ain't I lucky?

    I take vitamins for the clusters & maxault as needed. I get Botox shots and take excedrine, diclophenac or tramadol or alka-seltzer gold or lots of caffeine for the vascular headaches. I use different tactics depending on how mine present. And have to try different things to prevent rebounds.

    Good health to you!

    Hope this helped

    1. Thanks for the information! Do you have any insight or references for tools that help regulate blood flow that might help alleviate/decrease episodes? I have been studying this microcirculation and believe ensuring proper microcirculation could help? Nonmedicinal preferably...


      1. Do you get cluster headaches they come in spurts everyday multiple times and last for up to an average of 3 months at worst.Vascular headaches are every headache as I understand it they are caused by an expansion of a blood vessel or vessels in the brain migraines are usually in a certain area and are painful so much so you can't function headaches are usually all around the head and can be very painful but to a lesser extent. Ive suffered clusters for 17 years tried everything so I can help you out if you are intrested

        1. Thanks for these posts. My physician had told me that when my migraines continued for a period of days without ceasing, that they then were categorized as cluster. That, as I've defined it, occurs when there are storm systems such as the hurricanes/ tropical storms, stress, which certainly can accompany such events or such as Life or work stress, flying accompanied by stress etc.
          I get this kind of migraine less often- thankfully than the one day variety. I'm a newbie on this site so please forgive my going over old ground.

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