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Are Your Migraines Smell Induced?

90% of my headaches are scent induced. Anything from perfumes, bonfires, microwaved foods, lotions, etc can induce a migraine. Once a headache starts from a smell, every scent is antagonizing - increasing the headache to a migraine. On occasion, my migraine med will stop a headache and keep it at a low hum. But more often then not, I'll have a full-blown I'm down in bed for 3 days migraine if I can't catch it immediately. I'm just wondering if anyone else has scent induced migraines. My Dr's don't seem to think the scent induced part is important. But I do. I often wonder if there is an underlying issue that's not being found. I've always had an extremely sensitive nose, but over the last 4-5 years, the sensitivity to smell has been excruciating at times. I can no longer wear my own perfume, have to limit any fabric softener use, can't even let me 8-year-old daughter use lotions that she loves or my ever-growing curious 14-year-old son use cologne for the "girls'. It's depressing at times.

  1. Hi Lacy-dumbmigraines78,

    YES! Odors can certainly be a strong migraine attack trigger for some of us. I'm finding as I age I'm becoming more sensitive to odors.

    I wonder if it's time to find a doctor who is more knowledgeable about treating migraine?? Just a thought.


    1. YES! Odors have bothered me for many years but some where along the way I started getting more sensitive. I think it may have gotten worse around menopause. I'm quite the recluse now. Almost everything I bring into the house has to be aired out first. I have clothes to be worn to town then hang them to air out as soon as I get home. I have to cover my hair to keep the smells out of it. Have you ever noticed how fragrant paper money is?

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