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Arizona Weather

I have an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale,Arizona in early October, and I was wondering what the weather was like? If anybody lives near there,I would appreciate any information. Weather changes and pressure fronts are some of my worst triggers. I'd Google it,but someone with actual experience would be more helpful. Thanks in advance. If anyone has been to the Scottsdale clinic,was it helpful and worth an awful plane ride? It feels like this is my last hope.

  1. Hi MigraineTeamMember,

    I don't live in AZ, but have been there for conferences. You may want to talk to your doctor about taking medication to avoid barometric pressure changes for your flight. We have information on this here;

    The Scottsdale clinic is supposed to be wonderful, but again, I've not been there. When picking out a clinic it's important to go for the doctor, not necessarily the clinic name. Does that make sense?

    Do keep us posted on how you make out in AZ, and I'll let Kerrie (who lives in AZ) know to take a look here.


    1. Hello,

      The weather in early October should be sunny and warm, probably in the low- to mid-90s. Weather Spark is a website with historical weather data, if you want to look at details (

      Mayo has valet parking if you're driving and need to avoid the heat. It's a $5 charge that's well worth it if the heat is a trigger for you.

      I go to the Mayo Clinic in AZ and LOVE it. I've seen headache specialists throughout the country and am happiest with my care here. Best wishes. I hope you find some relief.

      Take care,

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