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Is it possible to have symptoms of migraine attack without the head pain?

I know that it's possible for people with a certain type of migraine, but I have been diagnosed with chronic migraine. I have been on nortriptyline for almost 2 years now, and have experienced a decrease in head pain and migraines. Recently, since this summer, I've been having odd and concerning symptoms, such as weakness and tingling in my left arm and leg, so much so that it hurts a lot to move them, and days where I'm so weak and fatigued I can't get out of bed, random bouts of dizziness and shortness of breath where I feel like I'm going to pass out, and chest pain. I also get random patches of skin (about size of a quarter) that hurt to be touched, but there is no visible sign like a rash or redness. Have been to so many doctors for these symptoms and they all say nothing is wrong with me. I've been doing a little research on my own, and I came across hemiplegic migraines, which sounds like some of my symptoms. However, I don't get the all-too-familiar blinding pain in my head when I get these symptoms. The most I get is a quick, sharp pain in my temple that goes away in a few seconds. Has anyone else had this experience or any insight into what I'm experiencing? Anything helps, I really appreciate it!

  1. Thanks for your question & for reaching out. Some do experience migraine aura without pain which can include many of they symptoms that you have mentioned here, like dizziness, tingling, etc. You can read more about this here. -

    It sounds like you have already done a great job at ensuring your doctor is aware of any changes in your migraine symptoms as it is important they can rule out anything more serious. Also, if you haven't already over time, it can be helpful to maintain a detailed journal/diary of what you are experiencing to also share with your doctor.

    Take good care. -Joanna ( Team)

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