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Migrane with Aura and vomiting?

Hi, I am currently 21 and I experience some unusual symptoms. This happens pretty rarely and randomly. However it has happened enough to where I am pretty concerned. I’ll be minding my own business (normally outside doing something) when all of a sudden my vision goes bad. As if someone shined a really bright light in my eyes and I cant really see. About an hour will go by when my head starts hurting like crazy and I start vomiting. Vomiting a LOT. Normally this lasts for what feels like forever before I finally fall asleep and try and recover. This has been happening randomly to me since I was in middle school. Is this considered a migrane? Has anyone here had similar experiences?

  1. Hello and welcome to the community! We are glad you're here. Thanks for sharing what you are experiencing. I'm sorry you have to endure these symptoms, but just know you are not alone. What you are describing sounds very typical of a migraine. Here is a link to a great article that outlines migraine and some of the most common symptoms.
    While we can not offer medical advice I would encourage you to at least see your primary care doctor or GP to get what you are experiencing documented and perhaps get a more in-depth workup to see if there is a possible catalyst for your episodes. Even random or episodic migraine attacks need to be addressed. I would also suggest that you keep a diary or journal of what you are experiencing so that you can use that as a tool when you visit your doctor. It can also help you to determine what factors in your life may be playing a role in your episodes. As always we are here to support you and the site is full of people who understand migraine and its symptoms. Feel free to search the articles and forums and join in the conversations so you can learn more about migraine. Have a great day! Warmly, Cheryl team

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