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Aura, facial numbness and Parasthesia (tingling legs)... anyone else?


A neurologist just diagnosed me with migraines, but I have not had headaches, or what I think would be a migraine (I admittedly do not know anything about the intricacy of the many symptoms people experience which is why I am here), but I am wondering if anyone else has similar symptoms with their migraines.

I have had several episodes of aura without any pain throughout my life, the only symptom was ever visual.

Last year I had symptoms that started with right sided stabbing pain (the pain lasts about 10 seconds, 10 times a day), then one night facial burning and numbness, and partial paralysis that had a fast onset, and ended me up in the hospital as it was stroke-like. Brain MRI was clear. Neuro said it was a migraine likely caused by being on birth control, which I was immediately taken off of.

Recently, the right sided facial burning and numbness came back, with new areas of my face going numb. My legs also began to tingle constantly, my toes twitch and burn, and I have other odd sensations in my legs. It has been 10 weeks of tingling legs which affect my walking, and keep me up at night because the sensation is so awful. My right pinky and ring finger have also gone numb. I saw the same neurologist who again said it was a migraine, and to take gabapentin for the leg tingles.

I am hesitant to take any drugs as I am not sure the underlying cause has been identified, and I am wondering if anyone else has long lasting numbness, and takes gabapentin for the symptoms?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Hi jennhamp88,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm sorry to hear you are having difficult time right now.

    Some of the symptoms you've mentioned may be part of a migraine attack, as it's possible to have a migraine attack without the headache phase. There are four phases to a migraine attack, and not everyone will experience each phase. For more information on this, you may want to read this information;

    Typically migraine attack symptoms stop when the attack is over, although some may linger. If you're dissatisfied with this diagnosis, I would encourage you seek out a second opinion, I probably would.

    If in fact it is migraine disease, there are other Class A medications (those that show most benefit) you could try. I understand about not wanting to take medications, but sometimes we have to in order to feel better. We don't know the exact cause of migraine disease, but do know its a genetic neurological disease.

    I hope this helps!

    Wishing you a low pain day,

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