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Aura plus speech and smell

Ever since a cataract operation I have visual disturbance fairly painless migraines which once in a while keep me searching for vocabulary. I have had this during adolescence and menopause a few times but since the operation I have had quite a few light triggered aura migraines and more rarely this is followed by a difficulty finding words. As well, since the cataract removal I have very frequent olfactory illusions of smoke or dying embers. I wonder about the relationships of these events.

  1. Hi Lulu,

    Thank you for your question. I'm sorry you have seen an increase in your migraine frequency and severity. Any time we have new and/or different symptoms it's important to discuss this with our doctor so he can rule out anything more serious. If you haven't contacted him, you may want to do so tomorrow.

    Sometimes migraine attack can be triggered by refractive errors, not cataracts, which basically means wearing the wrong prescription glasses. You may want to talk to the eye doctor about this.

    As far as light triggering an attack, that happens to many of us. There are glasses specifically made by two companies I know of to help with light sensitivity; and

    I hope that helps,

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