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Persistent Migraine Aura that Never Stops

My 13 year old has migraine aura that never stops. She’s never had a migraine headache. She has geometric shapes, colors, flashing lights, bright white circles, things she calls floaters and object color auras all intermittently daily, and snow all the time. Bright white surroundings make it worse. She says she doesn’t remember ever not having them, and remembers arguing with her dad about purple things on the ceiling in a house we lived in until she was almost 4. She is pretty used to them but they can block her vision at school both with worksheets and seeing the board. She seems to read okay. We have yet to see a neurologist. We just got the referral. I’m wondering if anyone has heard of this.

  1. thank you for sharing what your daughter has been experiencing. I understand how concerned you must be for her. I have four daughters and three of them experience migraine and their symptoms. I do not have any experience with the type of persistent aura that you are describing other than my own periods of seeing shooting stars or snow as an aura. My symptoms are not as long-lived as your daughter's. I did some research and there are two types of persistent aura conditions. They are Persistent Migraine Aura without Infarction(PMA) and Persistent Primary Visual Disturbance (PPVD). These are conditions where an individual has an aura that lasts longer than a week with no migraine headache(infarction). These may be worth bringing to your neurologist's attention to see what their thoughts are regarding what your daughter is experiencing. These conditions are not common, but with migraine disease, anything is possible in my opinion. There are not a ton of studies out there covering prolonged aura, but there are some you may wish to take a look at prior to your doctor's visit. Even if it is not what she is experiencing it is a good idea to discuss your thoughts with the doctor. Here is a link to an article that covers prolonged aura.
    Please keep us posted on how your visit goes and how your daughter is progressing. Wishing you migraine-free days, Tom team

    1. Kind thanks for your thoughtful insights and information! Im at work but can’t wait to read these. I’m eager to get her in too! I’ll update what they think or find. Best of luck supporting your daughters! It’s so hard to watch our kids struggle or be in pain. Thank you si much for sharing.

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