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Basilar Arterial Migraines

I have crazy days including seizure days with my BAM events. I have painful migraines 15 of 30 days but no pain with BAM events. Any info and help would be nice.

  1. coldhardknitter - I'm actually not sure about your question. Let me punt it in the direction of someone else who might be able to answer it for you. I'm so sorry you had to wait so long for a reply...


    1. coldhardknitter,

      What has your doctor said about the seizures? Although there is a type of seizure triggered by Migraine aura, it's rare, and seizures aren't known to be part of Basilar-Type Migraine.

      As for the days with BAM events but no headache, Migraines can do that; they can skip the headache phase. When that happens, they're described as "acephalgic" or "silent."

      Here are some links to information for you...
      • Basilar-Type Migraine:
      • Acephalgic Migraine:

      With so many Migraine days, it would be best for you to be talking with your doctor about preventive treatments. Are you and your doctor looking for effective preventive treatments?

      Please let us know how you're doing and what other information we can help you with?

      1. I have been diagnosed as having BAM or BTM since November last year (even though, I've been suffering with them for nearly seven years) and I too have seizures - although, they are non-epileptic seizures and my doc and neurologist both told me that they happen because the BTM can mimic other neurological conditions such as epilepsy, hence the seizures...

        1. Hi Still-Smiling,

          Let me share information with you on BTM but is now called migraine with brain stem aura;

          I wonder what type of doctor treats your migraines? You may want to consider seeing an expert who is board certified in headache medicine. These doctors are called headache disorder specialists and you can read more about them in this article; If you'd like to look for one you can find that information in this link;


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