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Bed and mattress

Hello, I'm thinking of buying a new mattress (It' time to replace it). Do you have tips for beds and/or mattresses? For me, sleeping while sitting feels better than lying down when having a migraine. But it's not comfortable. Any tips? What about Adjustable Bed?

  1. The best thing for me has been memory foam. I just have a memory foam topper on a traditional mattress. I have slept on a memory foam mattress but it was too soft for me.

    1. If you can afford it, I really think Sleep Number beds would be helpful. I prefer a much firmer surface during a migraine than when I'm not having one, so being able to adjust my bed's firmness would be amazing. Also, they have models that you can adjust with a remote to have the head part come up so you can be in a more seated position, or you can raise the feet if that is comfortable. Unfortunately, they are really expensive. I can't afford one right now but hope to buy one next year.

      If anyone knows of similar beds that are more affordable, I'd love any suggestions.

      1. Hi, I would like to share my experience with you as all of you are in need of a seated position bed. I am having migraine problem for years and as I am daily working with monitor for hours, the migraine problem has never left me. I was also in search of a seated position bed and have tried an adjustable bed too but it did not work well for me 🙁. Once while searching online, I found lifestyle beds by CT mattress. The bed position can be arranged according to our convenience and it will be useful for people like us who are suffering from migraine. You can have a look at it -

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