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bifocals for the first time

I recently had to "upgrade" to bifocals. Due to partial right visual field loss, I was told I should get lined bifocals as opposed to progressive. I also got a low-level tint, and that has been great.

I have however noticed an increase in migs. Now, this is a bad time of year for me trigger-wise because of allergies and multiple storms that have moved through this spring. Perhaps that is the cause. My fear is that my new bifocals might be triggering some of this. The line in my right lens crosses exactly where my visual aura traditionally occurs.

Could this just be a coincidence? Maybe this is just a bad spring, and I'm grasping at straws. Any input would be appreciated.

  1. Hi Rushlight,

    Thank you so much for your question, let me see what information I can give you that will help.

    When I get new glasses, or an "upgrade" as you said, my migraines seem to increase for a little while. After my eyes adjust to my new glasses, the attacks seem to level off.

    Many of us have a difficult time in spring and winter, and see an uptick in attack frequency and severity. If your attacks don't seem to settle down after you've adjusted to your new glasses, it may be time to talk to your doctor about your migraine prevention plan.

    Will you let me know how it goes?


    1. Thank you Nancy for your response.

      When I've gotten new glasses in the past, I have not noticed a corresponding increase in migraines. (Of course there is a first time for everything.) Like I said, I was concerned that the line placement of the bifocals might be a trigger and wondered if anyone else had noticed that. Flickering lights or images, especially near where my aura manifests, has been a problem for a long time.

      It seemed a reasonable thought. I've had the glasses over a week now, however, and I find that I'm noticing the line less and less. So I'm thinking that's not my problem. The weather has been crappy here in east Texas, and I'm thinking that's probably the primary cause. This weather is gonna kill me, though.

      My doctor and I communicate well, and we both know the affect spring, fall, and the weather has on my migs. I can't do much about those things. I have an appointment with him in a few months, but I may need to talk to him before then if this keeps up.

      Thanks again for the input.

      1. Rushlight,
        Thanks for writing back.
        I can understand how progressives may trigger a migraine. While I don't have a progressive prescription, I have tried on a few pairs and they seem like they would be quite difficult to get used to.
        I think that as Nancy said, the increase in migraine frequency may be an unfortunate part of the adjustment period. However, if you find that the migraines persist a few weeks or months after having the new progressives, perhaps they are the culprit.
        Have you mentioned the new lenses with your doctor?
        Also, if you haven't already, it might be a good idea to see what the return/exchange policy is for the lenses (if there is any).
        However, as you mentioned, your increase in migraines may simply be due to the weather.
        I thought you might benefit from reading some of our articles on this topic:

        We are glad to have you part of our community.

        Jillian ( Team)

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