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Bizarre Migraine Triggers

Over the past 5 years half a dozen docs (ents and neuros) said my symptoms sound like vestibular migraines. I rarely have had headaches but very unpleasant dizziness and all the symptoms that follow with it. I noticed over the years I have new triggers for it which is how usually my symptoms start.

One was hair loss concealer products. I noticed when I put them on I would get dizzy within minutes and become normal after washing them off. I used them for a decade before that. I switched them around and it would work until they all bothered me. I'm fine with hair gel and hair mousse.

I drove for years now when I do I get dizzy when I got out the car. Same thing with my ebike. I'm fine while driving/riding but am dizzy when I stop.

Now after weight lifting I too get messed up and it can last for up to 24hrs. I love weight lifting but don't do it much now.

And last but not least the most bizarre trigger is and I could swear that's the case I got some new jackets and sneakers and when I put them on I get dizzy as hell. After I take them off I get better in a few hours.

The last trigger is very scary because now I'm afraid to get new clothes and shoes and throw out my old ones and will be pretty much naked. lol

Has anyone experienced such bizarre triggers?

  1. - So appreciate your sharing some of your migraine journey with us. You didn't mention if you were under a doctor's care currently and/or if you are taking or trying any preventative or rescue treatments for it?
    As for the triggers you are encountering- there are so many strange migraine triggers our there. Rarely will two people have the same list of triggers. As for the driving- yes, that is a trigger about which we have some resources: The new clothes and shoes sound to me like they may be a symptom of hypersomia, or sensitivity to smells. This is a classic challenge with migraine: I'm assuming the new clothes and shoes are putting off a scent (even one that can't be detected) that is triggering you. Perhaps trying to wash the new clothes repeatedly and letting the new shoes air outside might help. I'm guessing this may be the same issue with the hair products you mentioned. Weight lifting - or doing anything exertive, is also a well-known trigger for migraine: A lot of us have had to change our approach to exercise to consist of low to no cardio- and instead walking and stretching/yoga type work. I imagine the strain of weightlifting is causing an increase in your heart rate and change in blood pressure- both of these can trigger an attack.
    If you aren't already, we'd definitely encourage you to pursue evaluation and treatment with a migraine specialist. Here's a list of these types of doctors: Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. We are here to provide information and support anytime. Warmly- Holly team.

    1. - One final thought- becoming aware of your triggers is a major part of the migraine journey. Although it is difficult as you move through it, understanding your triggers can really help you better manage this condition. Good for you for being self-aware and thinking about what is setting you off. Warmly- Holly team.

  2. I'm seeing a neurologist. I'm gonna do a magnesium IV infusion tomorrow see if that works. I tried Nurtec it works but I get a rebound sadly. Haven't tried anything else. I've had MRIs and other neuro tests all negative. As for the clothing triggers yes the jackets had bad chemical odors that I got rid off after soaking them multiple times in baking soda so maybe that's the trigger. The shoes don't smell. Hair loss concealers neither. Yes sadly weight lifting sets me off now and driving. Driving was my income now that's over.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Getting an accurate diagnosis can take time I'm sorry to say. I'll keep my fingers crossed the infusion is beneficial. Will you keep us posted? Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

  3. I will. Also I realized nobody here has vestibular migraines since I read its pretty uncommon and very tough to treat.

    1. hi there- while you may not have gotten a response here from a vestibular migraine sufferer- we have a lot of resources written by and about people living with that condition here: Hope that link might help you "meet" others living with the same condition. Warmly- Holly team.

  4. Got the magnesium shot today. Dizziness disappeared instantly and haven't felt any issues since. Just a little woozy and headache but it's pretty hot in NYC right now and been out and about. Dunno how long that effect will last.

    1. , thank you for sharing your experience with us. Having headache conditions and the symptoms and triggers that accompany them can be quite hard on us. I'm sorry you are experiencing them. I'm glad that magnesium has given you some relief, though. Vestibular issues can be tricky to sort out and a challenge to treat. My husband has a good friend in Germany who suffers from vestibular issues and migraines. Here is an interesting article and video from the NHS that he said was interesting and gave him a better insight into what he is experiencing. You can discuss it with your doctor if you feel it may be beneficial.
      I hope this helps. Warmly, Cheryl team

    2. Hey there- SO glad to hear about how the magnesium shot helped to quiet your migraine symptoms. Really hope it lasts for you. Please let us know how it continues for you. Thinking of you- Holly ( team).

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