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Has anyone experienced bladder urgency after Botox injections?

  1. Hi Mmelle,

    Thank you for your question. I've been getting Botox since August 2016 and not had an issue with bladder urgency.
    I did see that a potential serious side effect of Botox is problems with bladder control which you can read about in this article;
    If you haven't spoken with your doctor about this please do.

    Best of luck
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Moderator/Patient Advocate

    1. I have been receiving Botox for two years this month. I currently receive the injections every 8 weeks bc mine barely last for 6 weeks before I am in daily agony again. While receiving the injections I have had the benefit of my migraines being less intense, however, not less frequent. I have also noticed that I FEEL like I have to go to the bathroom a lot. Even if I went already, I often feel like I still have to go. I have not felt that it was an emergency if this is what you mean by urgency, but I do sympathize. The literature does state that some people will experience a difference in their bladder function and my neurologist told me that some migraine sufferers feel that they have to go to the bathroom more frequently during migraine attacks. If you have just begun Botox therapy, give it a chance. After three sessions, you can better decide if you can live with the side effects or if it is really working for you. My results were much different the third time than the first and it has been worth it for me. Good luck.

      1. Interesting post. I've only just received my second round of Botox injections and around the same time did experience bladder urgency, not associated with a migraine. I'd feel like I needed to get to the bathroom but didn't pass much urine. I increased my water intake and after a few days the feeling went away.
        And after years of being told Botox wouldn't work for me I'm thrilled to report that it does. My frequency is significantly reduced. After 50+ years of migraine, more than 10 of them chronic, I can finally go out in the sun a little and LIVE!

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