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Anyone Have a Blind Spot or Visual Aura Last for Weeks?

What started a week and a half ago as a flickering light has turned into a blind spot in my right eye. (I saw an eye doctor, spoke to my neuro, and have another test scheduled. No real answers yet though.) Did anyone ever deal with this? Any tips on how to cope??

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  1. Hi @aymgirl,

    Oh boy, that sounds concerning. I've not experienced anything similar to this, but I'm sure others will be along soon to share their story with you.

    Good to hear you've seen your doctor about this. By any chance was it an ophthalmologist - a medical doctor who specializes in eye disease rather than an optometrist? If not, you may want to consider that option to get to the bottom of this.

    If the spot gets worse or grows, you may want to seek out urgent care to be safe.

    Will you keep us posted?
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

    1. Thanks for replying! My neuro actually referred me to a neuro-opthamologist, who took me in a rush appointment. My vision-field tests and optic nerve imaging came back pretty good, which ruled out the scary options and suggested I have "Big Blind Spot Syndrome" which is a kinda obvious name for something thankfully not serious. Basically my optic nerve is just slightly swollen and it made my usual blind spot (the kind everyone has but usually can't notice) big enough to interfere with my vision. He said it should hopefully self-repair in a short time!

      1. Hi, avmgirl! Thanks a lot for coming back with an update. I'm SO glad to hear that it's nothing major, even though it certainly sounds scary and frustrating. I wish you a swift and full recovery! Let us know how you're doing. Hugs! -Melissa, team

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