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So, I have had migraines since I was kid and they would come and go never had a problem in my twenties or my thirties and now in my forties I have them daily. It wasn't always daily that started back in August this year and it was terrible.. it started with a headache,I took some OTC meds and then it felt like I was high or having a reaction to the medicine so scary come to find out it also made my blood pressure go up. I asked doctor after doctor no answers. I had tingling,numbness, flushing of my face, my eyes burn some too, I literally thought I was going to die and even with blood pressure meds. So I found my new neurologist he knew what it was right off it was my migraines and he said they would never go away and I would always be on medicine.. so we started on amtripilyn it worked for two weeks and the tingling came back now we went up on a the dose but I still feel small tingling now and then I hate this, I really do cause it affects life everything.. I go to work but I got check my blood pressure got make sure I take migraine meds with me I go to class same thing I push through but it is hard... It's like life is going on and I'm standing here like wait... This sucks so much having to plan around migraines and blood pressure and I didn't have blood pressure problems until all this with migraines started up.. anybody else have these issues or got any advice??? I can't go online school cause it's a massage therapy and esthician school so I have to be there...

  1. Thanks so much for sharing some of your journey with us. It sounds like a really challenging few months since August when your migraines became chronic. Are you working with a migraine specialist? There are a lot of various migraine preventative and rescue treatments available in addition to amitriptyline. Here is a link that will help you explore current treatment options:
    And definitely if you are experiencing chronic/daily migraine it would be worth you seeing a migraine specialist as these doctors are specially trained in migraine medicine and can evaluate you most comprehensively on the issue of migraine. Here is a link to migraine specialists in the US in case you are interested:
    I'm so sorry you've been having such a rough time and am glad you're here with us. There are many of us who can relate to the challenges of living with chronic migraine - I love how you wrote "It's like life is going on and I'm standing here like wait..." It's very true- that's exactly how it feels. I hope you can explore some more treatment options as there are a lot of choices out there. The blood pressure issue is one that other people have as well- and it does sound like some of your symptoms are blood pressure's a link to the various resources we have on that topic:
    I hope these links help you. In the meantime, please know you are not alone. Let us know what questions you have and know that we are here to provide support and information anytime. We are here for you and in this with you. Warmly- Holly ( team).

    1. Yes we are starting over with medicine since I stopped everything prior to this attack...

      1. I've been down that same road with my husband. It is always a bit unsettling when medications are not working well and you have to stop and change directions in your therapy regimens. Being patient through all of those changes is important. There are so many different types of medications and therapy regimens available now to try which is great for those of us who suffer from migraine disease. The new group of CGRP medications has been a great help for many people, but it is only one part of the journey. I hope your new round of medications will help relieve your attacks and their symptoms with few side effects. Please keep us posted! Warmly, Cheryl team

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