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Migraines with boredom?

I feel like this has probably been asked before, but this question has been on my mind for years. My mother has a migraine disorder that I so wonderfully inherited, but her migraines are little different from mine. The one trigger that I seem to have that she can't seem to relate to at all is boredom. If I'm inactive for any amount of time or I run out of things to do, I can just feel my migraine begin. It's like, if my mind isn't occupied at all times, it'll lapse into a migraine state. It's not that that's the only time I get migraines--I get them routinely while doing any kind of activity as well, but not having anything to do is basically a sure-fire way to start one. Can anyone relate?

  1. The question is - was it already there and you were distracted and didn't notice it creeping in. That is me. It is always under the surface except for that little time that happens -- the calm before the storm.

    1. I can relate with that too. When I am buried in school, I still realize my migraines, but not that much. When I am not in school, my migraines are much worse. I think part of it is when you just get used to the pain and your tolerance is raised.

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