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Boswellia and Butterbur together


has anyone tried boswellia and butterbur with or without feverfew? I'm thinking of adding the butterbur (to replace imitrex) to my regime of boswellia, magnesium and B2 (which works amazingly well). But, I'd really like to stop taking imitrex. I've been on and off (mostly on) that drug for at least 15 years.

Anyone tried boswellia and feverfew together? I don't see anyone anywhere talking about these two combinations.

Thanks for your help,

  1. ravenbird - First, I URGE you not to make any changes to your management program without first consulting your doctor. There are a few things here that you will want to talk to them about:

    First, Imitrex is a triptan - a class of drugs for which there is no "natural" equal. Butterbur is a preventive. Imitrex is an abortive. We're not even talking apples and oranges here, but more like apples and bicycles. Butterbur is taken daily. Imitrex no more than a couple times per week at most.

    I cannot comment personally to combining boswellia and feverfew. Feverfew and Butterbur however are in the same plant *family* and are related to ragweed, so if there is an allergy problem, it could be a problem while taking the herb.

    Additionally, feverfew comes with significant side effects and contraindications and can even be dangerous if not used properly and under supervision.

    Remember, herbs and plants were our first medicines. They work just like medicines in our bodies and deserve the same respect and care.

    Here is a link from Dr Mauskop talking about Boswellia:

    1. Thank you Ellen,

      Been fishing around for something to take instead of Imitrex but yes, I understand now. Gotta keep it as a rescue. My doctor isn't a "herbal" type guy. So, I'm working alone and demanding blood tests to keep stock of what's going on to modify my own regimen.

      I'm taking Boswellia 650mg 3x daily now for about 2-1/2 months to fabulous effect but wondered if Boswellia and Butterbur can be taken together to maybe increase the effect toward not having migraines at all. (Unbelievable hope.)

      Or should I just forget any ideas of mixing the two?

      For 60 years I've had "headaches" and it wasn't until I was 50 that I was diagnosed with "migraine" I've tried a LOT of different medicines and am trying to get off the pharmaceuticals and onto the more natural and less harmful herbs. I never had good or even passing luck with them anyway and gained a lot of weight with Depakote or was sick as a dog taking them until I refused to continue. I had been waking every night, every single night, for years with a headache. The Boswellia stopped that or at least slowed it down although it hasn't returned the jobs or the friend. The Boswellia not only decreased the amount but the duration and intensity. A really wonderful thing to discover.

      So overall, I'm new to this way of looking at things and am still searching and thank all of you for your help.

      Thank you very much Ellen,

      1. ravenbird - Boswellia works in a very unique way. It is similar to a pharmaceutical drug called indomethacin, and there are some headache types that only respond to indomethacin. Here is a link that might help you understand indomethacin a little better: Here is some information about a headache type that responds to indomethacin.

        If the Boswellia is helping you because you have hemicrania continua or other indomethacin responsive disorder, it is unlikely that butterbur will be of much help. I don't know at this time if there is an interaction with any of these which is why it is so very important to talk to your doctor before making any changes. The fact that you seem to be waking every night makes me think you might want to see a headache specialist and discuss the possibility of trying melatonin in addition to the boswellia. This is probably more likely to act synergistically as you would like. Again, this is a conversation for you and your doctor.

        Here is another link you might find interesting: Hypnic Headache, aka Alarm Clock Headache: This too is a headache type that is responsive to indomethacin. 😀

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