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Is Botox Always The Same?

Does anyone have this experience?

I did great on cycle 2 of Botox. Each month got better from 6, 4, and then 3 migraines per month. Now I got cycle 3 eight days ago and I have had 4 migraines this month, 2 since Botox. Does it also take 10-14 days for a new cycle to set in? Is it typical that some cycles of Botox go better than others or does this mean it isn’t working as well?

Please help. Tysm!

  1. @Tysm,
    By cycle, do you mean each round of injections every 3 months? Botox can be an extremely effective migraine treatment. However, it is not a cure. There is no cure for migraine disease.

    Maybe you had more triggers contributing to your migraine attacks during certain months. Do you know what your triggers are? If not, headache professionals usually suggest keeping a headache diary to track what may be causing each migraine attack. You may be surprised to find triggers you didn't know about.
    ~ Peggy ( team)

    1. I have had a hard time pin pointing triggers. I do think my sleep cycle affects it somewhat though. I am on cycle 3. I had my first ever migraine last week that lasted almost 3 days. Advil didn’t help and it always works. Ubrelvy finally did. I hope Botox will help for cycle 3.

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