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Botox Failing So Early

Hi. I am Botox cycle 4. I had an amazing reduction cycles 1 and 2. Down to 3-4 migraines cycle 2, with 25 days migraine free. I know I wrote this before. But with cycles 3 and 4, looks like my migraines are increasing each time. Cycle 3 was 5x month and beginning of cycle 4 is now 6x. (Although I did get one each time from the vaccine so maybe this is why). Has anyone had an experience where Botox slowly stopped working after only 6 months? I am so scared to go Chronic again. I failed Aimovig (terrrrrrrible ER reaction), Propanolol and Topomax. Help!

  1. Hi ,

    I hear you about the fear of becoming chronic again, no one wants that. Is there any chance you're having a rough few months? I know I've had an increase in migraine activity recently and am telling myself it is the weather, stress of the world today and so on. I refuse to think Botox isn't working!! I hope I'm not kidding myself.

    Keep in mind Botox isn't a cure, although some days it may feel that way! We still have to be vigilant about triggers, keeping a regular sleeping and eating schedule, staying hydrated and so on, especially during the last two weeks before we're due for our next set of injections. Are these six attacks a month able to be treated with an acute medication? Some months when I have an uptick in attack frequency, I'm still able to abort most of them with nasal sumatriptan, which is very different with Botox. I had a very hard time breaking any attack without Botox. So I guess my point is we'll still see attacks, but they "should" be easier to treat while on Botox.

    Have you had a chance to speak to your doctor about this? That may be the next step. Don't lose hope! Please forgive me if I've said this to you before, there are over 100 medications, supplements devices and complementary therapies that can be used to treat migraine and more on the horizon.

    Please let me know what you think! Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

    1. Thank you! I try to tell myself Botox is working and it is a bad few months. I am just feeling alone and scared. I don’t think it is typical for Botox to fail so early. I had a short time of feeling better and I don’t want that to slip away 🙁

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