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Botox for Migraine

Hi my name is Debbie and I live in Ireland. I have had severe migraines for many years. I am 48. For the past year I have been receiving Botox treatments which have given me a new lease of life. Instead of the 3/4 days a week in bed with severe migraine I now have approx one day in bed.

Although I still get hum dingers, I can manage the lesser pain migraine myself with no GP or hospital intervention. My last botox injections were four weeks ago and I found it did not work as well as the others. I have spent from Wed to Sun in bed, 24 hours round the clock (no movement as pain gets worse) only keeping some cereal down and weak tea and water.Has this happened to anybody else as I have put all my faith in Botox.

For 10 years I have to try all other meds before I was offered botox because of the cost, although I have to pay to see the neurologist but my insurance pays for the actual medication. I would be very grateful to hear from anybody and if you have any tips I could try.

Thanks Debbie

  1. Hi Debbie,

    I'm sorry to hear you had an issue with Botox this month. Botox is FDA approved for people who have 15 or more days a month with migraine pain. If you want to read other members experience with Botox you can do so in this discussion thread;

    Unfortunately some people can become immune to Botox. I wonder if your doctor is following the correct Botox protocol? There are 31 injections that are to be given. You can see the protocol in this link;

    It's important to stay vigilant about our triggers when we take migraine prevention medication. Have you been able to identify your triggers? The thing about triggers is they can change over time. For example, I never had an issue with chopping raw onions. A few years ago I was chopping away and was suddenly hit with a migraine attack. Just when we think we have our triggers down, another one can pop up!

    Hang in there,

    1. Hi Nancy

      Thanks so much for coming back to me. I am just about to go for my botox today so I will let you know how it goes. I am getting the full 31 injections and also my neurologist "follows the pain" with bonus botox shots.

      Triggers have a huge impact. Smell is a huge one for me and it only happened in the last 18 months or so. I can manage lemon and some lavenders, but all perfumes, deodrants etc, anything with a strong smell ffects me. I find shops all have fragrances even if they don't sell anything fragrant. Its to entice people into the shop.

      Thank you


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