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Botox-triggers afterward?

I am going to get Botox soon. My triggers are just about any food I put in my mouth. I react to the Latex cross-over food list, for example, and it has 3 levels from probably highest reaction to minor or none. So if I react "lightly" to level 3 foods will I be able to eat those after Botox without too much pain?

  1. Hi there! That's a good question. Personally, and this is just me, but I wouldn't treat any medication as a magic bullet like that, especially when it comes to known food triggers. Each person has a unique experience with Botox -- for some people here, it's been a great help, while for others, it was just okay or didn't really change anything. You won't really know for sure until you get the treatment. I'm sorry that's not a definitive answer like you were looking for, but I hope you'll come back and let us know how it goes, and if your doctor gives you any advice about Botox and your trigger foods. I'll keep my fingers crossed it goes well! -Melissa, team

    1. Hi -- I see that you tried to respond but I'm not seeing any text. Can you try again when you have a chance? Hope you're doing okay! -Melissa, site moderator

  2. No idea why. Didn't say much anyway. I just hoped Botox would reduce the impact of some of my lower level triggers. Biggest problem is B12 since I can' tolerate animal protein.

    1. It's probably something on our end, the site can be funky sometimes. Do you take any supplements for B12? -Melissa, team

  3. Yes and no to B12 supplements. Since they give me a migraine (as do all animal proteins), I only take 1200 mcg/month which is not enough but can't add all that pain (lasts 4 days)to the rest of my chronic headaches. Vegan B12 isn't bioactive.

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