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Brain fog and migraine

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum. I have been having headaches since the age of 4. I am in my thirties now. Last year has been worst. I get brain fog before the migraine starts. I feel detached and don't feel like responding to anyone when I have brain fog. After the brain fog comes the migraine. Medication doesn't give me much relief. Whenever I am in the sun I get these headaches. I stopped enjoying out door activities because of these. I also take thyroid medication for my hypothyroidism. I would like to know if anyone has similar symptoms and tried and tested remedies for this.

  1. Natre,

    I experience "brain fog" quite often before a migraine as well. For me the ability to concentrate and think are the most troublesome symptoms. I work in a job that requires a high level of concentration and the ability to problem-solve through logical thinking. The brain fog makes this very difficult. I too feel a sense of disconnection or disengagement related to both the brain fog and to migraines. I prefer not to interact with anyone. In the case of migraine it is simply because of the pain and the energy required to speak and engage in conversation. With the brain fog it is more that I am not completely attached to the present moment.

    Unfortunately I have no helpful tips or suggestions for methods of stopping or treating the brain fog. I have learned to take it as a sign of what is coming. It allows me to prepare for the oncoming migraine by either treating with abortive medication and/or getting myself to the most appropriate environment, preferrably home if possible.


    1. Here is a link to another discussion that might help. Although it is discussed in terms of a different condition, pattern-glare is well known to be associated with migraine - and there are treatments.

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