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Caffeine and Migraines

I stopped consuming caffeine and it totally cured my migraine!
I hope it will help you as it did to me. Please share similar experiences.

p.s. You can read more about it here if you want @

  1. Hi Karmona,

    Thank you for sharing what is working for you. Caffeine can be a strong migraine trigger for many of us. I'm not sure I would use the word "cure" seeing at this time there is no "cure" for migraine. Learning what our triggers are and avoiding them can go a long way in reducing our migraine frequency and severity.


    1. I understand - Thanks for the correction - I guess for me it was the main trigger (until now 😀

      -- Moti

      1. I still don't quite understand the theory behind caffeine and helping migraine. Ex; Excediren Migraine, which happens to have a rather descent dose of caffeine in it.
        Myself, I'm sensitive to caffeine, but it has helped me at times, but to only have terrible migraine when when I stop the uses of caffeine.

        How long does it take after stopping caffeine, that there is no rebound issues?


        1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Karmona. Unfortunately, caffeine actually helps my migraines (as Dela mentioned, the Excedrin Migraine has a dose of caffeine), and I find that on the days I forget coffee, I wind up with at least a headache (if not a migraine).

          I'd like to erase caffeine out of my diet, but I'm too anxious at the thought of withdrawals causing migraines. Maybe one day.

          Thanks again, Karmona!

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