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Can someone turn down the sound in my head please.

The tricks to finding out your triggers….and can someone turn down the sound in my head please. I have been trying to figure out what my triggers are and when I am actually in what stage of the migraine. I have been living with this every day since I was 16 and didn’t realize till now I have no idea what neurotypical normal is anymore. I am worried to take my Maxalt because I am concerned its the wrong time, or because they are limited I will use too many too quickly. I was warned my migraines may get worse before they get better….. well the last couple days have been pretty bad. I’m in tears as I type this because my skull is so tender and the constant high pitched buzzing makes me want to have a lobotomy. I have noticed my migraines worsen with driving….ugh, anyone else experience this? . Hope you are feeling better then me today! Chin up buttercups! #chronicmigrainewarriors!

  1. Hi ZonaDanger,

    I'm sorry you are having a rough time. I'm not feeling great today either, this weather is not helping at all.

    Have you been evaluated for intracranial hypertension? One of the hallmark symptoms, in addition to head pain, is noise, ringing and/or buzzing in our ears. Here is information on this that may help;

    When my head is bad I try and avoid driving. Like you it aggravates my head 🙁.

    Here's to a better day!

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I have not been told or tested for intracranial hypertension, I will definitely ask about this at my next neuro appointment this week.
      thank you for the info!

    2. Looking forward to hearing how you make out!!

  2. I can no longer drive, but yes, in those last months, driving was HORRIBLE.

    Definitely, if you haven't had your CSF pressure checked, you should talk to neuro about it, if only to rule that out as an issue. It can be too high or too low (I happen to be a leaker--low) and both can cause horrible headache conditions and over-sensitivities that can be co-morbid with and exacerbate chronic migraine. IIH and SIH are uncommon and therefore often missed or misdiagnosed. It took three years before mine was caught and I could start being treated for the correct thing (in addition to migraine.)

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