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Has anyone tried CBD oil to manage intractable migraine?

  1. Hi there pnkto, Thanks so much for your question! As you wait for possible feedback from the community regarding their experience with CBD oil for intractable migraine, I thought you might find some of the discussion in our forum section helpful to review. You can take a look here. Hope this helps & thanks again for reaching out! -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Everyone is different so you may have a very different experience than me, it takes a lot of trial and error with different forms, strains etc to find something that is the best for you. I tried CBD caps, oil (oil seemed to be worked great - milder day in day out pain, less anxiety and COMPLETLY fixed my leaky gut and intolerances to wheat and dairy (a very very happy side effect and has made life soooo much easier - I was down to crumb level containamation level would make me sick for weeks). However, unlike most people - it did not help the migraine flares, or high pain levels.

      I then started playing with CBD/THC combo oils (of course this depends on where you live if you can try this legally). I started slow 10:1 ratio, 3:1 and then finally 1:1 (they all come in differing strengths as while - how much cannabis in a mL so take that into account as well). I actually find THC is what helps me the most for the pain levels. But I find it really strange I don't get "high" from it AT ALL. I never did any drugs when I was younger so I have nothing to base it on but still, nothing? It actually helps my vertigo, dizziness and aura symptoms so I feel more down to earth WITH taking it than without - go figure!

      I am trying something now that is called "shatter" in a vap pen and this is working even better for me. Since it is smoked it works a lot faster and more fully (although remember I have a very crappy digestive system so you may not find a difference). It doesn't take all the pain away but it calms my nerves down enough to normally be able to sleep (sometimes in combo with other drugs), helps a lot with the day in day out nausea, and the anxiety lessens a touch.

      Definitely something I keep close with me and added to my very large bag of goodies I use every day.

      1. I had mild migrain. I tried CBD oil, from bigmoonsky and i am glad it turned out good for me. however, it depends on the level of migrain you have. But as i have heardfrom my other friends, a mild migrain is curable as well as chronic migrian's intensity is reduced with CBD oil very effectively compared to any other drugs or medicine. I ordered the CBD relief collection from Bigmoonsky that contained cbd oil along with some other vape pan, and lotions.

        1. Everyone’s experience with CBD is different so you may need to try a variety of products before you find the perfect product and dosage for your needs. You may want to test out tinctures, concentrates, and flower to see if you get the effects you want. Hometown Hero has a wide selection so you can start there.

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