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Cervical Chiropractor

I friend recommended that I go to a Cervical Chiropractor and that I get a upright or weight barring MRI.
If you have any thoughts or personal experience with either of these I would like you hear about them.


  1. Hi Ezzie.

    I've had cervical manipulation and was not found of it as I was in more pain after the 'treatment'. Neck pain can also be a symptom of a migraine attack and trigger one as well. Neck pain can also delay a migraine diagnosis. We have more information in this article;

    Cervicogenic headache is a secondary headache disorder which means that it is caused by another condition or neck injury. This kind of pain initiates in the neck, but is felt in other areas of the body like the head. Here is our information on cervicogenic headache;

    Some of the migraine/headache disorder specialists we work with are not found of cervical manipulation but do feel chiropractic care is ok for the lower back.

    Here is a great post from The Migraine girl and miracle "cures";

    Keep us posted,


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