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Non Migraine meds, given for Migraines

I know there several prophylactic medications specifically for migraines, but there seem to be more that are for something else that happen to be used to treat migraines too.

Mostly they are antidepressants and anti convulsants.

The one I am taking now is imipramine, an antidepressant with a mild sedative, that is also given as a migraine preventative, oh, and an anti bedwetting drug as well.

I figured, what the heck? I will be happy, well-rested, won't have a headache, and I won't pee the bed. Win-win, right?

What others are there?

  1. WildZan,

    The practice of using medications for reasons other than those which they were originally intended or 'labeled' for is called "off label". It is a very common practice. So far there are no drugs available right now that I am aware of that were originally designed just to prevent Migraine!

    1. WildZan,

      Ellen is absolutely right. There are no medications available that were originally developed for Migraine prevention. Not one.

      There are now more than 100 medications in use for Migraine prevention. Four of them have now been approved for Migraine prevention:

      • propranolol (Inderal - a beta blocker)

      • timolol (Blocadren - a beta blocker)

      • divalproex sodium (Depakote - a neuronal stabilizing agent / anticonvulsant)

      • topiramate (Topamax - a neuronal stabilizing agent / anticonvulsant)

      You can find a list of potential preventives at


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