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hello everybody my name is Eve and my migraines started 20 years ago .
my question is : in which country can I buy CGRP injection at a normal price because in France it is very expansive and not reemboursed by Sécurité sociale nor private insurance
Someone to help me ??
Because I tried CGRP last month and it changed my life !!

  1. Hi there. Thanks so much for writing in with this question. I'm so glad to hear you found such relief. It's a wonderful life-changing thing when that happens and yet it can be heartbreaking when we cannot afford these treatments! You are not alone in facing this conundrum. Unfortunately, at this point, purchasing any of the CGRPs out of pocket (without the help of insurance) is quite pricey, regardless of the purchase location. Most of the CGRPs do offer savings programs which can give you access to the treatments at an extreme savings (sometimes free) for a year. There is fine print that must be read through- but it would be worth looking into. However, once those programs expire, you then must pay either with insurance or out-of-pocket. The out-of-pocket cost of the CGRP treatments range from $500 to over $1000 per month, depending on the drug. There are also programs like GoodRX (a online coupon program for pharmacies) which takes some of the cost off CGRPs but the savings isn't exactly dramatic. I hope this helps some- I wish I could offer better news. Please let us know what other questions you have or if we can provide you any other information or support. We are here for you. Warmly, Holly ( team).

    1. thank you with your advices . I sent a mail to Teva for the miraculous injection cost and they sent me a savings card when I said I am about to go to Miami for a while . Do you think I could buy it there with my french prescription ? I asked the question to Miami Hospital Neurologists and they said I need a prescrition from us neurologist . So.. is it possible to get it smwhere in Europe ?

      1. I did a bit of a search on this and found that very few pharmacies will fill foreign prescriptions these days. As for whether or not you can get the CGRP scripts filled in Europe, it appears they have been approved there- but I'm uncertain whether or not the savings card would work in the UK, I don't believe they can. If you are indeed going to be in Miami for a while, it might be worth making an appointment with a neurologist there in order to gain a US prescription so that you can use the savings card. These treatments are relatively new so hopefully their affordability will widen soon. I hope this helps. Warmly, Holly ( team).

    2. Even with insurance, CGRP's are outrageous in price..

      1. So true. There are some potential workarounds, depending on your situation. There are savings programs most of the CGRPs offer (to get you hooked on their efficacy) but they are only 12 months long after which we are left trying to cover the costs of these highly expensive meds. And these savings programs aren't accessible for those of us on medicare. Here are a couple of articles that touch upon these issues: And: My hope is that eventually (and hopefully soon) the companies that hold control over these meds will expire said control so we can get some brand-name versions that will draw down the expense. Really rough and unfair. Thanks for chiming in. Warmly- Holly team.

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