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CGRPs and Other Ailments

Hi - I am wondering if taking CGRP inhibitors is contraindicated for people with conditions like IBS (so many people who suffer from migraines have IBS!). Since CGRPs play a role in GI motility and also wound healing, is inhibiting them going to cause a problem for those of us with other issues? I have read a few articles that say that "in theory" there could be problems, etc., but the CGRP inhibitors are so new that the effects are not yet known. As a person with IBS I am concerned about this.

  1. I took Aimovig for around 2 yyrs and I’ve been on Emgality for another 2 yrs. I have IBS and gastroparesis. I have noticed no problems. Perhaps I had mild constipation when I first started taking Aimovig. These 2 medications have given me a big part of my life back.

    1. That is really great to hear. Why did you switch to Emgality? I think you are the only person I know who's been taking CGRPs for a long time. I'm very glad to hear it works for you. Maybe I won't be such a chicken to try Ajovy which is sitting in my fridge.

      1. @marylorraine my husband has been on Emgality for just over a year and has only had mild constipation when starting it. He also has reflux issues and they have not been affected by Emgality. Emgality has helped his migraine pain a great deal so for that alone it was worth taking the drug. His quality of life has improved. I hope this helps you with your decision to take the Ajovy! Warmly, Cheryl team

    2. And in the end, there's no real way to predict what will happen unless you try ... constipation and bloating can be a factor with those meds, so it's good to be aware. Have you spoken with your GI doctor? Maybe their input would be useful. In any case, remember that you're not making a lifetime commitment and that you can always stop. Please keep us posted! Fingers crossed for you. -Melissa, team

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