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Does change in handwriting cures migraine?

I just got some information that I would like to share or ask. I just heard that changing handwriting can solve mental and physical problems such as migraines, procrastination, cancer etc. What do you think? P.S if you find this crap or a baloney than please don't comment. Its better not to make fun of me 😀

  1. I do not have anything scientific on this one so I will have to look into it for you. Although I know that for myself, my handwriting changes daily, depending on how I'm holding the pen or how I'm sitting along with if I am in a rush or not...
    Did you read this in an article somewhere? I would like to see it if you would share it.
    - Amanda Workman ( moderator and contributor)

    1. I have never heard of this either. I guess it is worth a try. Maybe the concentration helps...who knows...
      I would also like to see where you saw this. I hope it helps 😀

      1. @ k_nelson Workman No I haven't read it anywhere in any article. One of my friends, who happens to know a handwriting analyser told her. So she shared the information with me. So I tried to research.

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