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Chronic Migraines - 8th Day Straight

So, as someone with chronic migraines, I'm used to Status Migranosis, and it is a normal part of my life now. I've never had an episode last this long, though. Eight days in a row. I've missed a lot of work, been to the ER for treatment, and have been to my doctor for medicine adjustments. Taking meds every four hours around the clock, and nothing is helping. My neurologist is out of the country, and I feel like I'm just downing pills and laying in a dark room around the clock.

Between back muscle spasms, intense nausea, vertigo, dizziness, and the throbbing headache, is there anything anyone has found helps with such a long episode? Does anyone else deal with episodes that last this long?

  1. I, like you suffer from status migranosis. It is really horrible ,painful, and scary. In the past my dr. has prescribed infusion therapy to try to abort the migraine. I think the meds they infuse ar promethazine, then magnesium, then decadron. Sometimes i have to go three days in a row for it to work. And then sometimes it doesnt work at all! As you know it is such a frustrating condition as all migraines are. I think there is a good post on this site about ketamine infusions. I have never tried them but year they are good. My only prblem with infusion therapy is that i hurt so bad, I cant drive! So getting there is an issue I have to deal with. I am just a patient, not a professional, and status migranosis is so bad that you should stay in close contact with your dr. when they happen because my dr. tells me how dangerous they are and he wants to know when I have them. There is also some good info on this site about status migranosis. I just read it and it was really helpful. I hope you feel better.

    1. I'll have to do some research on infusion therapy. My primary care can only treat so much, and my neuro has been MIA for a month. I usually wait until day 5 or later before heading to the ER for some IV treatment and cocktails, (unless I'm super dehydrated), but even those don't seem to be helping anymore. :c

      How long do your episodes tend to last, if you don't mind me asking?

      1. Gosh, anywhere from 5-8 days. My migraines started 15 years ago after a brain hemorrhage and stroke. The have morped over the years to status migranosis, chronic daily headaches, an fibromyalgia. I have had lots of other major conditions develop because of the stroke but I am so gratefu to be walking and talking. I don't know how you are still working. Except for the need for income and insurance!

        1. I forgot to mention that I, too am under the care of a neuro for my pain management, but I have an appt. with a pain management doctor. There seems to be more treatmeatment options there, but again I dont kniw about what your insurance will pay. I see a pain mgmt. therapist there so it makes more sense to me to have everything at that one clinic.

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