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Cognitive Problems after Severe Migraines

I had a severe migraine in March. I am 33 and otherwise healthy. It was so severe that my doctor sent me to the ER - he thought it was a stroke. It took me about 8 days to recover. Immediately after and ever since, I struggle with basic logic and problem solving that before was very easy/effortless. For example, if a side table is too small for a plate and glass, why that is and what to do with the one that doesn't fit. I troubleshoot new software systems for a living and this has made it very hard to do my job well, let alone at the level of success I had before that migraine. Otherwise, I'm fine; no problems with speech/communication, coordination, senses/perception, etc. Has anyone else ever experienced something similar after a migraine? What caused it and did it get better?

  1. Hi Reneestevens 98,

    That must have been a very scary attack. We do know that during postdrome, the last phase of a migraine attack, we can experience some of the symptoms you describe. These symptoms typically last only a few hours up to a few days. This may be helpful information for you;

    Did they run any tests or imaging studies while you were in the ER and did you find out the results? That may be one of the first steps to take - getting the results of any testing you had.

    If you didn't have any testing or imaging, you may want to discuss with your doctor having these done. There is no test to diagnose migraine, but imaging and tests may be able to rule out other things. And if you are not getting any results from your doctor, feel free to seek out a second opinion.

    Let me know if this helps.


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