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College Accommodations

I've only been recently diagnosed with chronic migraines and so I'm looking into getting accommodations through my university. Does anyone have advice about the kind of accommodations that I could or should ask for?

  1. Thanks for reaching out & for your question. Policies will certainly vary from university/school to school. Because guidelines are are so different, we don't have much information to share regarding college specifically. That being said however, take a look at these resources as they discuss some tips & ways to navigate. As this article discusses, "For college students, the situation is different. Some colleges have policies about class attendance. Some professors have their own additional rules about missing classes or examinations. It’s best to investigate school policies during enrollment and check with professors for each class. In addition, college students who live in dormitories and may need help should speak with their resident advisors in advance." You can read the complete article here. Additionally this resource may help. -

    I hope you find some of this information useful! This is an exciting time in your life and I truly hope you are able to navigate migraine & school successfully! Good luck & do keep us posted if you can.

    1. Hi!
      I'd recommend reaching out to your University's Disability Department, they are in charge of arranging accommodations for students with injuries, disabilities, and injuries that impact their school life. In my experience, they require medical verification of your disability (ie medical records) which usually means you have to fax a Release of Information form to your medical provider(s) and ask them to send the requisite documents to the school. Expect a 2-4 week waiting period depending on the size of your provider's office/hospital or their waiting period.
      As for what to ask for? That all depends on your symptoms. I usually plan for the worst and ask for flexible deadlines, extra time on exams, more time to drop classes and ask the Disability Office to let my Professors know that I may have a spotty attendance, all of this then goes in my file and is automatically sent to my Professors. I'd also recommend taking advantage of any online classes your University might offer, most of it is textbook work so you get to avoid the light of screens, and get to work around your migraines instead of sitting in a lecture hall.
      Hope this helps, good luck!

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