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Colonscopy Preparation

Advice for colonscopy - the preparation triggers migraine

  1. I know this isn't the most pleasant topic, but I have to go for a colonoscopy, which I am quite fine with BUT, I have tried twice now and the preparation triggered a migraine both times. I have had to cancel on the day of the appointment twice. It's frustrating (and expensive) because now I have to do the rather inconvenient preparation again for a third time, and again maybe for nothing.

    The day before the laxative and clear fluid cleanse goes fine. I follow the instructions exactly. Then I go to bed and wake up with a migraine on the day of the appointment. I have tried drinking the morning dose of laxative both times, but it is immediately vomited.

    I could probably get to the appointment through if it was only head pain, but without the laxative preparation there is no point. I think it could be lack of solid food that is the trigger, but it is hard to say as there are so many factors - I am definitely not dehydrated. I drink every drop of clear fluid they instruct as electrolyte solutions for my clear fluids.

    Has anyone had this experience as well?

    Does anyone have any advice for avoiding migraine through colonoscopy preparation?

    Thank you, DMaki

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