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Common migraine to classic migraine


I was wondering if it's possible to go from a common migraine (no aura) to a classic migraine (with aura).

I've had migraines for almost 4 years now. They used to be episodic common migraines that would only come during and after my period. But ever since July or so my migraines are a lot more frequent, having from 4 to 7 migraines per month to the point that I can't even identify the triggers anymore. And I've also had new symptoms like dificulty concentrating and speaking, mood swings (sometimes I feel like I'm drunk) and even numbness and the feeling of "needles" in my arms, fingers and face. I've done a little research and I've seen that this needle sensation is frequent in auras. But as I said, I never had any visual disturbances or anything like an aura before.

Is it possible that my episodic common migraine have turned into chronic classic migraines? I've been going to the same neurologist for years and I follow a preventive and an abortive treatment.


  1. Vinyet23

    I'm sorry your Migraines seem to be causing more of a problem with time. I wish I could tell you this wasn't a frequent feature of Migraine, but it is. Most doctors feel that Migraine itself is often a progressive disease. For those who feel that their Migraines are changing, or worsening, it becomes super important for those patients to see a Migraine specialist. Here is a link to help you find one to help you:

    I can tell that you are likely not seeing a *Migraine educated* doctor because of how you write about your Migraines. Here is another super helpful series of articles that might help you with some basic information that might have been left out of discussion in the past:

    One of the most important things to understand, that although our Migraines can change over time, any changes need to be diagnosed by your doctor. Only your doctor can diagnose you and look at your symptoms in concert with your personal medical history and help you decide if this is a normal change for you or if it needs to be investigated further. But having the right doctor to begin with is vital.


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