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Does this really sound like migraine?

My neurologist recently diagnosed my symptoms as Migraine. I am somewhat confused because my symptoms are certainly not what I know as typical symptoms. I do not have headaches. What I do have is a heightened sense of touch, smell and taste. My eyes are sometimes cloudy and watery. My whole perception of touch and feel of everything around me has changed. Does this really sound like migraine?

  1. Hi there strange,
    Thanks so much for your question. Migraine may not necessarily have head pain. It sounds like your doctor has diagnosed you with migraine aura without pain. You can read more about this here - I am not sure what steps your doctor took in order to provide you with this diagnosis, bu there are a series of tests & examination that should be conducted in order for a proper diagnosis to be obtained - Lastly, migraine can certainly cause heightened senses. Here is a link to some resources we have to that -

    Hope some of this information is helpful! Always feel free to reach out. -Joanna ( Team)

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