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Constant migraine activity

Does anyone experience constant migraine activity? I've read a lot of information on chronic migraines which equates to 15 or more "headaches" per month, what about constant migraine symptoms other than severe headaches? Are they the same thing?

I have headaches every day but they're mild to moderate, rarely are they severe. My worse symptoms, in order of severity are...Constant dizziness, daily mild to moderate headaches and flu like symptoms, recurring fatigue, body pain, nausea and vertigo.

My migraine symptoms went constant over 4 years ago. It seems that constant migraine symptoms with low-level headache pain is more rare.


  1. Anyone with at least 15 headache days a month, at least eight of which are migraine, is considered to have chronic migraine, but many people have migraines every day. Severe is certainly most common, but some people report lower levels of pain. (Often, though, that's because of preventive medications reducing the pain levels, but not the frequency or other symptoms.)

    Have you been formally diagnosed with chronic migraine? All your symptoms could be indicative of migraine, but nausea is the only really common one you list. I wonder if you could have a different headache disorder, like new daily persistent headache (NDPH) or even something else (like an autoimmune disorder, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome) that's causing your symptoms.

    I don't know what your migraines were like before they became chronic, so I could be totally off base, but wanted to bring up that it might be worth looking into other health issues than migraine alone.

    Take care,

    1. Excellent question. I've been wondering the same thing. Was actually going to ask about it right now. I take Elavil as a preventive and like Kerrie says, that has reduced pain levels, sometimes considerably, sometimes moderately, and sometimes not at all. But like Rviriccardi, my headache is slight to moderate most times. It is the dizziness, fogginess, "hinky" eyes, numbness that gets me most days. Could it depend on the type of migraine you get? I think, for example, that basilar migraines might give more neurological symptoms and vertigo, but I am not an expert. So I can't answer but would like to hear what others say.

      1. Rvriccardi

        Unfortunately, it is possible for Migraine symptoms to become constant. It is the same with aura, however that needs to be investigated carefully, as aura symptoms can also be something else that may need attention.

        For those patients that have constant problems, the first thing most specialists look to is medication overuse headache or MOH. Are you on any medicines, and if so, can you share them here?

        Are you keeping a journal of your triggers and symptoms etc? This is often very helpful and necessary if you're going to see a Migraine and headache specialist, which I also strongly recommend for patients who aren't having better management luck. This link may help you:

        Please do let us know how you're doing...


        1. I've been diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo with aura and Chronic Subjective Dizziness by Mayo Clinic and by my current neurologist who specializes in migraines. I was checked for autoimmune disease among other diseases, all were negative, I've had a lot of tests done. My doctor says that I do have the symptoms of both chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and they overlap with my migraine symptoms. I've tried all the available medications and herbal remedies for all three illnesses but only Gabapentin seems to help. I get about a 20% improvement from Gabapentin which keeps me from being bed-ridden. I also take Promethazine which calms the nausea.

          I've had episodic migraine variants all my life, I'm now 57. About 4 years ago the migraines went constant . Before my migraines became constant I would have occasional attacks of extreme dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headache, etc. which went away with a long nights sleep. Now I have those symptoms among others every day.

          Prior to going to Mayo Clinic I was experiencing MHO (medication overuse headaches) and I wasn't watching the foods I was eating. I had no idea that MSG and many other foods were triggers for me. I now analyse everything I eat since I've found so many food triggers. I'm now on a chemical free migraine diet.

          The only medications that seem to help are Gabapentin, Promethazine, Excedren and Aspirin. I take Gabapentin daily and Promethazine when needed. I only use Excedren or Aspirin a few times per week because of the MHO problem. I don't use medications like triptans because of the side effects, aspirin worked better. When I take aspirin or Excedrin it's for the moderate headache and more importantly the body pain, nothing helps the dizziness (imbalance and vertigo).

          I do keep a detailed daily migraine diary which has helped me identify triggers like the drop in barometric pressure, the beginning of the last phase of the moon, certain foods, etc.

          I posted my story which is titled "My Never Ending Migraine Story" on

          I was just wondering if anyone else in the community is experiencing's hard dealing with this disease especially since so few migraine patients seems to experience the debilitating constant dizziness and daily symptoms.

          Thanks for the ideas, they're always welcome,


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