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Anyone Get Continuous Headaches from Exposure to AC/Cold Weather?

I get Continuous Headache on exposure to AC/Cold weather. No neurologist is aware of this over here. Can somebody help me how to cure this?

1. Forehead chillness
2. Ears chillness
3. Palms of hand and leg chillness Headache starts immediately when all the above becomes chill and it is instant

More Chill = Faster Headache

P.S No aura, No vomiting, No nausea, No flashing of lights.

  1. Hi kumaresan,

    Thank you for your question. It's possible these things can be related to a migraine attack, but I would encourage you to seek out help from a medical professional.

    Heat can be a migraine attack trigger for some of us, so I imagine cold may be similar. Having said that, try wearing a hat, gloves and scarf and dress warmly when going on in the cold. I hope that helps. Please let me know,

    1. Yes this does happen to me. Not so much in air conditioning but in extreme cold. Two years ago on a trip to NYC the weather was really cold and windy. First day out I had to stop and buy a hat because I was hit hard with a terrible headache. It was like someone was driving a stake through my forehead. The hat did the trick. But I’ve watched more carefully now and it has happened several times since then. I always keep a hat (During winter) with me now. Being from the south I had little experience with this happening. And tho I am still in a moderate climate I did move farther north, within my state, and the winters are a little colder here.

      I have a new cold condition which just started called Renault’s disease. Happens when I get cold, especially hands. My finger tips loose all color, become extremely cold to touch, and sting like they are holding dry ice or something. Lasts anywhere from 20-30 minutes most times but can last longer. This can happen even in a cold air conditioned building or outside in cold weather.

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