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Coping with migraines?

I have chronic migraines, almost every day recently which makes doing things very difficult especially fun things. Every time I've gone to a concert or a fun event lately the loud music immediately gives me a migraine. I am someone who loves concerts and music so this is especially hard for me I just wanted to know how others coped with loud noises or preventive measures to be taken. I feel like I'm generally good at putting on a brace face and pretending like everything's ok when I have to but then again, sometimes that's very difficult and also wanted to know how people deal with having to go about daily life with migraines and let people know your not ok.

  1. Maybe ear plugs would help? Dull the noise down a bit? I'm lucky, I'm not a big concert person so it's not that hard for me to accept I won't be able to go to any. My problem is the flashing lights though, noise bug me but it's the flash that burrows down into the middle of my brain.

    It has been 2 years since I have been able to horseback riding (my all time favourite activity - makes me so happy). I tried a couple months ago to go on a great mild pain day .... I lasted 5 rounds of the arena at a walk and still flared for a week after. I still cry daily about not being able to ride (the ugly cry where the ball of upset comes up from your soul and suffocates you, takes away your breathe and makes you gag). I totally understand - it's not fair to have your life taken away.

    Wish I could tell you how to accept your fate but nothing my psychologist has got me to do has helped so far. But you are not alone.

    1. Hi Tamara! What a beautiful and poignant way to describe that sadness, I absolutely feel you. I'm sorry that you have had to give up your passion. I'm wondering - many stables offer moonlight rides (search moonlight horseback riding), have you checked with the stables in your area? They generally start around 7:30 or later, so, well after the intense light of day. It may be something that lets you do the things you love. Please remember that you're never alone. Sending all good wishes and gentle hugs. - Warmly, Donna ( team)

  2. UnfortunTely it's not the light that bothers me - it's the movement. I have very loose ligaments because of a jaw surgery that went bad and whiplash, on top of severe TMJ issues causing spasms and ultra tight jaw and neck muscles.

    I get trigger point injections (lidocaine in scalp, jaw, neck, shoulders - normally about 16 spots per treatment) and IMS on my jaw/neck at least twice a week. Tried prolotherapy and PRP to restart the healing aspect of the ligaments in hope the ligaments would tight up. Unfortunately 8 and 2 sessions only gave me partially relief for a week or so. I am out of options for this condition.

    It is the bouncing and movement of my neck that triggers extreme pain and triggers migraines. Even a walk triggered it. . It is very likely I will never be able to heal enough to be able to ride again.

    1. I am sorry that you have had such a rough journey.
      Keep pressing <3

    2. I'm so sorry that you can't ride, Tamara. I know the feeling. I also used to ride, & interestingly, it's not the migraines (not migrants --SHEESH!) that are keeping me from it, although that would probably be a factor, since I can barely walk around my house when it's bad. I can't ride because I've had 7 blood clots (to date), & am on 2 blood thinners. So, if I was thrown, or fell, even wearing my helmet, it could still be a very bad thing. I remember the very last time I rode, because the clots are in my chest, & I didn't understand, at first why it was so difficult to saddle Reba. The next day, when I was vacuuming, it was obvious, as I'd had it before, twice. Anyway, that was it. I've been in withdrawal ever since.

  3. Some of us take an abortive before going to an environment that we know may lead to causing a migraine or increasing the pain of one. I do it if my husband wants to go to concerts or to see bands play or holiday functions with my family (they are a loud bunch).

    I have migraine daily, how bad the pain is each day is pretty much the only thing that differs for me. It's not necessarily easy but I know through my work with that I can help others and it is possible that we can move the medical community to create more solutions for us. It's definitely important to stay positive and remember we are always here for you. Sending you lots of love and strength
    Amanda Workman

    1. All I can say is try to save positive. Don't listen to everyone's advice - you will get plenty of suggestions. Filter out what is worth something and what isn't worth anything. Do what you love, even when it hurts. That is all I can say. Push through...always stay positive and always keep searching for a cure. NEVER GIVE UP!

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