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Correlation between cyst on scalp and migraines?

I have had a pea sized hard lump on the top of my scalp for quite a few years. If I pressed on it, it hurted a lot and shot down behind my eye - and would trigger a migraine if I played with it too much. I talked to my pain management doc about it - he said it could be removed if it was tender. So I removed it yesterday morning, triggered a migraine with him playing with it and pressing. It hurts like hell still the next afternoon - like almost bad migraine pain - shooting down to my neck, behind the eye (worst) and my entire head feels super stretched and painful. I get trigger point injections twice a week and one of the areas we hit hard is my scalp - my pain level correlates with how tight and tense the scalp is (I like to bend his needles when he injects me, the muscles are that tight). Was wondering if it could be putting pressure on a nerve or blood vessel and causes the pain. Which makes sense why it's so painful now that there is pressure from the stitches. Toradol is barely touching the pain (which is common for migraine pain), it hurts more on pain meds than getting prolotherapy and PRP in my jaw with no freezing. Hopefully it will settle down in a few days .... and maybe .... just maybe ..... lower the daily migraine pain down?

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