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Could use some insight!

Hey name is Jenny and I have had tons of headaches as far back as I can remember..even as a teenager. They really started getting bad after my first child was born (I had an epidural, which I think may be partly to blame). My Mom used to get severe headaches as well, some would last days where she was incapacitated and on the couch.

Anyhow, to the point..LOL. I have had a ton of stress in my life the last 2 years. Mom passed away, divorce, move, job change, etc. So, I know that I get the tension headaches sometimes. Other times, they are worse/different type of headaches. These start like last night during work. (I type for my job)I started getting moody, irritable. I thought... well it is just PMS. This morning when I woke up, I had a bad headache right above my right eye. I also felt kinda nauseated. When the kids got up and started yelling for me, so I went upstairs, and right away when I got up where it was lighter, I just wanted to get under something away from light and the screaming. I took some Aleve, which helped, but it is still there. I just feel very weak and not 100%. There is no fever, no sinus drainage or anything. I HATE when this happens! Could this be migraine? I mean, I should go to tyhe doctor, but I just can't afford one right now with insurance loss due to divorce, etc.

  1. Hi Jenny,

    I'm sorry you've had so much diversity in your life recently. There is quite a bit to grieve about - your mom passing away, (please accept my condolences) and the end of your marriage. My almost 25 year marriage ended three years ago - I know how you feel!

    As difficult as this may be, I think it is good idea to see a doctor - even without insurance. There really is no way for us to diagnose you, and here's why; a medical professional needs to go over your medical history (and your family's too) your symptoms and give you a thorough examination. None of these things can be safely done online. Contact your doctor and tell him/her you have no insurance but need to see him because you are feeling poorly and see if you could work out some sort of payment plan. I am doing this with an MRI I am scheduled to have tomorrow - the copay is $75 and they are letting me pay half tomorrow and the other half when I get my SSDI check. It never hurts to ask.

    Some things to help with the extra stress in your life may be done with no cost. You can try deep breathing exercises and meditation. We have some articles that may be helpful; And

    Let me know what you think, OK?


    1. Thanks NAncy! I will definitely read those a bit later. My headache is getting worse again and I can't take anymore NSAID for at least another 4 hours. I didn't want a diagnosis from you all, but just kinda an idea as to what you all think if it could be possible migraines.

      1. Hi Jenny,

        I hope you are feeling better today. I wish there was something I could do to ease your mind, but I really think seeing a doctor is the way to go now. Having said that, from the symptoms you describe, it's possible that it could be migraine, but it could also be a host of other things.

        Hang in there, and keep me posted

        1. Thanks 😁 I have an appointment next week! Feeling better right now, but just waiting for the next one.

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