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COVID vaccination and migraine

Hi all: I'm glad to finally get my first dose of the vaccine but the headache that some people get as a side effect triggered a migraine. Now I can't tell if I feel awful from the vaccination or from the migraine or both. Anyone else have a migraine reaction?

  1. I'm sorry the vaccine triggered a migraine. I have heard that this has happened to some people. I hope you get some relief soon. April - Team

    1. I hope you're feeling better today! A couple of my migraineur friends did get a headache after the vaccine but not a full-out migraine. I personally did not get a headache with either shot -- my boss who is a nurse told me to take Tylenol before the shots and flood myself with water the whole day. I did that and the only reaction I had (weirdly) was nausea about 5 days after each shot.

      1. Hope you are feeling better. May I ask which vaccine you took. Was it Pfizer or some other one?

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