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Covid vaccine

I suffer from barometric pressure migraines. They put me on the couch almost daily. I can feel the pressure change for example from 29.76 to 29.79 and will need a coffee to help. My husband and I got our 2nd Covid vaccination on Tues 4-13. We knew to expect fever, etc the next day and were prepared for that. My husband did indeed wake up feverish and achy all over. But, somehow, the universe knew that I suffered enough on a daily basis and I was given a pass for the day. So, what I want to know is, WHAT is in that vaccine AND can we isolate whatever it is that helped me not be in pain for ONE WHOLE DAY and put that in a daily pill? It was pure heaven! Just thought I'd get that off my chest...and yes, the pressure was all over the map yesterday, so I should have been in pain (I keep notes). Sigh....Tucson is NOT the place to live with this type of headache!

  1. Oh my gosh, Kattlyn, what a lucky break! COVID and the vaccine are both so unusual in how they affect each person differently. I admit you're the first that I've heard of that actually feels better after the shot. What shot did you get? I believe the ingredients are readily available through the CDC. It would be interesting to explore! -Melissa, team

    1. We got the Pfizer vaccination. We told ourselves we were not going to be picky and were going to get whatever vaccine was available where we went (CVS). I used to get feverish and achy with the flu vaccine until I asked for preservative free. I was actually being a bit funny with that, but yeah, I would LOVE scientists to figure barometric pressure headaches out!! And I will look that up, thanks!

      1. That's interesting -- I used to be OK with flu vaccines, but then one year I had a bad reaction and since then have avoided them. I always wondered if it was a preservative or something that triggered the reaction. Thanks for giving me food for thought. Be well! -Melissa, team

        1. Don't move to Charleston-Savannah-Coastal Georgia --barometers up and down every few days, like you I am really sensitive to it, even feel my ears 'pop' like old airline flights.
          I have delayed vaccine (migraine and asthma) in agreement with Neurologist and PCP so will be masking up on the rare occasions I'm out and about. Isn't it sad how even ONE REALLY GOOD DAY can be so enticing it's almost bittersweet. I hear San Diego is best place to live with migraine, but...the headaches and costs of CA are both well beyond me.
          May I ask which vaccine you took?

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