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COVID and my Migraine

I don't know why it happened to me but it did. I've been living with migraine pain since the beginning of COVID. What is most concerning is that I don't remember having issues before COVID began. In the winter of 2019 I noticed that on weekends I would get these pains on the top of my scalp, behind my left eye, or on the left side of my face. I haven't been properly diagnosed but I have been to a neurologist for the past 5 years. He has prescribed me with medication to take on a daily basis but they wouldn't work. Eletriptan is what I take when it gets severe. I would go without taking any medication but the pain is too much. I am currently thinking about taking an AJOVY injection. I haven't signed any papers to start the process. What can the people out there tell me about AJOVY?
I also work 70 hours a week if that means anything. I would like the community to give me some advice if it is possible. I appreciate this.
-Mike Greene

  1. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry you are having increased head pain since Covid. I can tell you you're not alone - we've heard from others who are going through this as well.
    Many have found relief with Ajovy. I don't have personal experience with this medication, but I'm sure others will be along shortly to share their story with you. In the meantime, here are some conversations/articles on Covid and Ajovy;


    You mentioned seeing an uptick in pain on the weekends. There is something called 'let down' migraine. This occurs after stressful periods of time, which I have experienced as well. You can read more about this here;

    I hope I didn't overwhelm you with all that information! Read when you can and please let me know what you think and I'm sending along pain free wishes, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team Member

    1. Hi there, . Thanks so much for posting your question. I see that Nancy has already given you a ton of great resources to begin exploring Ajovy as a potential treatment option. I did want to also mention that depending on your insurance, they may require you to "fail" several different drug trials before they will approve a medication like Ajovy. Here's an article explaining those details: The idea is that the insurance company often requests you try several different medications that are more affordable. In the even they are not helpful, sometimes they will then approve something like Ajovy. However, I will emphasize again just to be clear, that this is completely dependent on your insurance provider. Each one may function a bit different. If you have any concerns, your prescriber would be able to give you guidance on what you might have covered. Or you can reach out to the insurance company for clarification.

      Cody (Team Member)

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